As government shutdown looms, Trump stumps for building the wall

President Donald Trump tweeted that a border wall is an “important tool in stopping drugs from pouring into our country.” | Getty

President Donald Trump pushed for the construction of a wall along the Mexico-America border Monday as the deadline looms for a government funding bill that could come down to funding for the construction project.

In a set of two tweets sent over the course of three hours, Trump advocated for the wall, which was one of his major campaign promises during the 2016 presidential election. Trump, who first said Mexico would pay for the wall, is seeking funding from Congress to pay for the construction, something that could prompt a government shutdown.

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“The Wall is a very important tool in stopping drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth (and many others)! If … the wall is not built, which it will be, the drug situation will NEVER be fixed the way it should be! #BuildTheWall,” Trump tweeted.

The tweets follow another series of tweets Trump sent Sunday attacking Democrats for opposing the wall and insisting that Mexico would pay for its construction “in some form” and “at a later date.”

Members of the Trump administration have been on a media blitz advocating for the wall’s funding to be included in the government spending bill that legislators need to pass this week to avoid a government shutdown. The administration is seeking $4.1 billion in initial funding for the project, which ultimately could cost about $22 billion.

But the administration, which is hard-pressed to push through some of Trump’s policy goals by the 100-day mark, has not said that Trump would reject spending bills that do not include funding for the wall. Some members of the administration have suggested that the administration would try to withhold funding for the Affordable Care Act if Democrats do not support the wall.

Democratic legislators have been vocal in their opposition for the wall’s construction, saying that the project would be too costly and would ultimately be ineffective. Some Republicans have also expressed reservations about the cost and effectiveness of the wall, and others have said funding for the wall is not a priority.

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